Tired of the bar scene? Looking for real conversation? Why don't you try our lounge? Norton Place is a very cozy scene that offers you a break from your busy day. Here you will find a partner to talk with in many different languages; English & Japanese.
Even if you only know a few words in a foreign language come here to use them- our staff is multilingual and our guests are too! There are many friendly Japanese people that would love to meet you.
Come have a relaxed chat and taste our delicious original teas and coffee. The cuisine is great too! Try the house's recommendations: pomegranate juice, Kabab, and Tony's special grilled chicken. The Norton tea lounge is open every day. You can stay all the time you like:
Mon. Wed. Thu. Fri. 15:00 - 21:00
Sat & Holiday 13:00 - 21:00

Tue. Closed.
Entrance Fee : 1080yen for English native speakers (includes 1 drink)

Spaghetti \800
Beef Kabab \800
Potato Kabab \800
Curry & Rice \5800
Pop Corn \350
Olives or Pickles \350
Beer(Kirin/Asahi) \400
Glass Wine \400
Whiskey & water or soda \500
Dita & Orange \500
Campari & Orange or Coke \500
Gin & Orange,Coke or Soda \500
Oolong tea \250
Orange Juice \250
Lamonade \250
Coffee \250
Tea \250