International Party
Whether it's making new friends or meeting old pals, here every one has a different reason to come and enjoy an exquisite meal and an exciting party.
Sometimes we hold an international party. The theme changes every time; we select one country and bring it here to you!
You will feel like being abroad without leaving Japan! Taste that country's typical food and drinks while you enjoy the lively featuring entertainment.
Most people come to relax, meet friends from all over the world, take pleasure of the different cultures and mainly to HAVE A TERRIFIC FUN!
What language would you like to hear? What person are you looking for? Certainly you will find it here!
Japanese and Foreigners looking for excitement gathering in a comfortable space. Add to that Norton's Staff offering something extra to make you stay even more fun and relaxed and you have discovered just some of the reasons why every party day more than 100 people decide to miss other place to go and spend the night here!
Don't forget to make a reservation, we will send you a convenient map and further information.
Entrance Fee : 3000 yen include food and drinks
Party time : 19:00 - 21:00


July 22nd Sat. 18:30-21:00 18th Anniversary Party
Oct. 28th Sat. 18:30-21:00 Halloween Party
Dec. xxxx Sat. 18:30-21:00 Christmas Party

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2016 Christmas Party

2014 July 26th Norton's Quindecennial Party

2010 Dec. 25th Christmas Party

27th Oct. 2007 Halloween Party

23rd June 2007 Pizza Party

9th June 2007 Hawaiian Party

10th March 2007 Belly Dancer "E-chan" performance

24th Dec. 2006 Christmas Party

8th July 2006 Colombian Salsa dancers