He speaks different languages, is the best chef in town, and if you are interested in Kong Fu, he can teach you if you ask him! He is indeed a good listener and an even better adviser- if you need someone to talk with, he is the one! Besides, he has a magic gift: he is a fortune teller. Would you dare to ask him about your destiny
She loves cars and used to be a rally car driver. Noriko is a professional cook and a kind hearted lady. She enjoys computers and her e-mails are very nice, but don't try to run away without paying the bill, she will catch you! For sure!
I'm from Texas in America. My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing and painting. Please come and talk with me!!
He really likes languages, sports, and Latin dance! Very kind and nice, he is a good dancer and knows a lot of funny things. Why don't you get on stage with him? But remember if you know a language that he doesn't he will not let you go until he learns it!
Hi, I'm from Canada. I like watching movies and learn Kanji.
I look forward to meeting you!
I'm from Texas in America. I'm a keen runner. And I like youtubing! Please come and talk about youtube!

I am from Ireland.
My interestings are eating, travelling, sleeping, music.

I am from UK!
My hobbies are BMX, UFO reserch, Movies.